Lolita Level Up Quiz

F Yeah Lolita recently put up a fun quiz to help one guage their lolita level. I only just recently got into lolita (less than a year!) so I’m curious as to what my level will be. Let’s find out!

Jimmy Breck-Mckye on The State of JavaScript in 2015 →


  • The churn rate of front end JavaScript technologies is problematic
  • People are starting to feel burned out and alienated by the pace of change
  • The answer might be to eschew monolithic frameworks in favour of microlibraries


How awesome is this? An osu! branded tablet! My first impression after opening the box was that it was really tiny, especially after comparing its size to my old Wacom Bamboo. It’s approximately 176.6mm × 115mm × 7.5mm! How cute… I like the simple design and think the tablet looks great in white. The tablet’s surface is a nice, brushed matte texture while the sides are glossy. The active area is 10.

Going Paperless with Doxie and Evernote

Recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to go paperless. What exactly does that mean? Basically, it just reduces down to three steps: digitize, organize, and declutter. Think of the documents you have stashed away somewhere. They take up quite a bit of space, don’t they? I’ve had many instances where I became irritated with all the space the papers took up and ended up throwing them out, only to realize I needed a few of the documents for reference later down the line.

What I’ve been up to

I didn’t know that it took at least five days to transfer a domain over to a new registrar (I moved dustral.com over to Namecheap from NearlyFreeSpeech, for those who are curious), so my site was down for nearly a week! Rather than using Sublime Text 2, I am now using Vim as my main editor for work. There are a lot of plugins that I use to really enhance my workflow with it, so I may share my vimrc and plugin list some time in the future.