What I’ve been up to

I didn’t know that it took at least five days to transfer a domain over to a new registrar (I moved dustral.com over to Namecheap from NearlyFreeSpeech, for those who are curious), so my site was down for nearly a week!

Rather than using Sublime Text 2, I am now using Vim as my main editor for work. There are a lot of plugins that I use to really enhance my workflow with it, so I may share my vimrc and plugin list some time in the future.

Speaking of work, I now work as a Ruby on Rails developer. I’ve already learned so much in the span of just a few weeks, and it’s such a pleasure to collaborate on projects with my awesome coworkers. My knowledge of Git and GitHub have increased exponentially since starting. I’d highly recommend Neo’s Git Immersion for those who want a great introduction to using Git version control.

My most recent Arch Linux setup.

The laptop I take to work is a really old thing that I received as a spontaneous gift from a friend (thanks, @BeardedDandy!). I’ve lovingly named it Slime. It’s running Arch Linux and I’ve done a lot of customization to my setup. I’ll do a writeup of my Arch setup sometime soon too and work on sharing my dotfiles.

Despite loving Slime to death, I’m thinking about getting a new laptop because Slime is too heavy and bulky to carry around with me everywhere. I really need suggestions. I was looking at Asus Ultrabooks. Good idea?

I need to get my hands on the iPad Air. That thing is gorgeous. Once I get my next paycheck…!

Oh, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Dual Destinies is really enjoyable so far. I’m only on the second case, but I’m already so hooked! Anyone else play? I’d love to talk about it.