How awesome is this? An osu! branded tablet! My first impression after opening the box was that it was really tiny, especially after comparing its size to my old Wacom Bamboo. It’s approximately 176.6mm × 115mm × 7.5mm! How cute… I like the simple design and think the tablet looks great in white.

The tablet’s surface is a nice, brushed matte texture while the sides are glossy. The active area is 10.2cm × 5.8cm, which is also quite small, since I know many people who like to use the full area on Wacom tablets (the Wacom Bamboo CTL-470 has an active area of 14.7cm × 9.2cm).

Currently the only available model is this one, but who knows, if the tablet is popular enough maybe peppy may consider different colors and sizes.

The cable connects on the left side.

The tablet uses a AAA battery, with the positive end inserted facing the tip. The battery is supposed to last for a long time; I didn’t see any information regarding battery life, and as I have only been using this tablet for a couple days, I can’t really provide anecdotal evidence on the subject. I suppose we’ll see with time.

Since it takes a battery, you have to manually turn the pen on and off. To turn the pen on, you press the power switch down on the end of the pen and similarly to turn it off. Works just like a regular clicky pen.

The tablet also comes with four extra nibs! I don’t see myself using them any time soon since I hover my pen, but if you like dragging the nib or do tap + x I suppose it’d be nice to have them.

As thin as a pencil!
Another shot with the pencil from the side.
The iPhone 5s resting on top of the tablet.
The osu!tablet resting on top of my old Wacom Bamboo CTL-470. The Bamboo looks enormous to me now.
The osu!tablet pen and Wacom Bamboo pen. The length and thickness of the two aren’t that different when you look at them together like this.

Do you like playing with the tablet?
Yes. Honestly, I think the active area is perfect for me. When I used to use the Bamboo I used a small area and it just so happens that it was almost the exact size as the full area on the osu!tablet. However, I noticed that my hands rest a bit awkwardly on the surface of the tablet and on my desk since there isn’t much padding around the tablet’s outer edge and active area. It doesn’t really bother me, but it may for some people.

Would you recommend the tablet for someone who has never played with one before?
I think that’s a difficult question. It’s all about personal preference. Some people like to play full area on tablets much bigger than the osu!tablet, and others play with small areas like me. It’s pretty hard to say, but if you want more flexibility, I’d suggest a bigger Wacom (in particular, the Wacom Intuos line, as the Bamboo line is discontinued). If price is a factor but you still want a great tablet for osu!, I’d definitely recommend the osu!tablet (it’s only $30 + shipping).

The pen looks huge.
It actually isn’t. As you can see in the previous image, The pen is the same length and just slightly thicker than the Wacom Bamboo pen. In fact, the osu!tablet pen’s grip is the same thickness as the Bamboo’s. The only gripe I have with the osu!tablet pen is that, since there’s a AAA battery inside, it’s a bit top heavy. I tend to like really light pens, but the weight of the pen is also personal preference. Some people may even like having that extra weight.

More Information

The official page to order the osu!tablet can be accessed here but as of this writing all of the preorders are filled. There is also a forum thread with more photos and information.

Thank you, peppy!