Jimmy Breck-Mckye on The State of JavaScript in 2015


  • The churn rate of front end JavaScript technologies is problematic
  • People are starting to feel burned out and alienated by the pace of change
  • The answer might be to eschew monolithic frameworks in favour of microlibraries

Like mentioned in the article, I also felt burned by the roadmap of Angular 2.0 and felt lost about where to go next. The problem lies in the fact that many of my projects (including mobile ones where I used the Ionic framework) will have to be converted over to the new version, and I'm hoping to god that relearning the framework and converting my projects over isn't going to be a daunting endeavor.

The article also gives a list of tools that members of /r/javascript were planning on moving to after the Angular debacle. I'm not sure exactly what will work out for my needs, but I've heard some great things about Ember and how the Ember devs are receptive to community feedback. A few of my friends are huge fans of Meteor, so I may be looking into that as well.

I guess for now we’ll see what happens once Angular 2.0 hits, but for now I guess I have quite a bit of learning to do.