Lolita Level Up Quiz

F Yeah Lolita recently put up a fun quiz to help one guage their lolita level. I only just recently got into lolita (less than a year!) so I’m curious as to what my level will be. Let’s find out!

Current total: 13

Current total: 18

Current total: 26

Current total: 35

Current total: 39

Current total: 47

Current total: 55

Current total: 58

According to the pop quiz page, it looks like I'm a Well-Rounded Lolita! I'm hoping that, in the beginning of next year, I'll move up to the next tier to Experimental Lolita or higher!

My plans for this year is to increase the number of accessories, basics, and outerwear in my wardrobe. I'm also planning on moving away from prints in favor of simple, timeless pieces. This would allow me to easily wear lolita on a day-to-day basis. Having more outerwear will ensure that I look good for weather of all kinds as well!

Definitely looking forward to my lolita journey through 2015. Here's to a new year!